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Eligibility Policy - 12/9/2022

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2031.01 Verification of SSN - 1) – Social Security number(s) reported by the client requesting coverage shall be verified by an automated match with the Social Security Administration through the Federal Hub. If unable to verify SSN through the Federal Data Hub, staff should navigate to EATSS to determine if SSNs are verified by using the F10 (pop-up) function as explained in the KAECSES AE User Manual. In addition, either BENDEX or SDX will provide a verified SSN for those individuals receiving either SSA or SSI benefits.

(2) - If the individual's SSN is not verified in the above mentioned process, the individual may provide proof of their SSN by supplying a copy of their Social Security card or other official document containing the SSN. Often, a SSN may be unverified due to a name or date of birth difference between our records and those owned by SSA.

(3) - If the individual's SSN has not been verified as described in item (1) and they have no Social Security card or other official document containing the SSN an application for a replacement Social Security card must be requested. The person should be referred to the appropriate SSA office. Refer to 2036. Proof from SSA that the individual has applied for the replacement Social Security card shall meet the SSN verification provision pending receipt of further documentation.

(4) - When a copy of the individual's Social Security card has been provided, it shall be maintained in the case file indefinitely. If applicable, a copy of the SSN-1 or any Enumeration at Birth documents should be included.

(5) - A verified SSN shall be reverified only if the identity of the individual or the SSN becomes questionable.

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