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Eligibility Policy - 5/16/2022

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2036 Referral Procedure for Applying for an SSN - The following referral procedure shall be used for persons who must apply for an SSN.

2036.01 Reserved -

2036.02 - The client is to take the referral form along with the necessary supporting documentation to the SSA office when he or she applies. Sufficient time should be given for the client to accomplish this.

2036.03 - Once the client has applied, SSA will return the referral indicating the action taken. If the application process was completed, the client meets the SSN requirement and can be approved for assistance. If the individual could not, without good cause, complete the process, he or she is ineligible for assistance per 2034.

2036.04 - A copy of the completed referral form is to be kept in the case file as proof of application for an SSN.

2036.05 - If the person is unable to apply in person at the SSA office (e.g., transportation problems, accessibility to office, physical limitations, etc.) this same procedure can be used on a mail-in-basis or as directed by the SSA office.

Staff should inform the client of the necessary documentation needed and direct the client to contact the SSA office for any additional information.

In certain instances, a client may have previously applied for a number prior to the request for assistance. A receipt from SSA acknowledging the application is still acceptable proof for meeting the SSN requirement.

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