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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 5/16/2022

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6513.03 Beneficiary Billed Claims - In the event an individual receives an allowable service and the provider cannot direct bill for the service (e.g., item from a non-Medicaid provider or an expense from a Medicaid provider prior to case approval) a special process has been established to allow such expenses to be used toward the spenddown. Persons must obtain from the provider of the medical service a completed form ES- 3170, Beneficiary/Patient Spenddown Billing Form. The form will capture the necessary information to input a special claim, called a Beneficiary Billed Claim, into the MMIS. This process will also be used to provide for some non-Medicaid covered items and services which cannot be direct billed to Medicaid. The completed form shall be submitted to the eligibility worker for review. If the expense is allowable, the eligibility worker is responsible for input into the MMIS. Items and services billed through the ES-3170 may only be applied toward spenddown and are not considered for payment even if the expense isn't ultimately used toward the spenddown.

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