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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 6/29/2022

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6132 Reported Changes: Income - If the applicant reports a change in income for the prior months, the change shall be evaluated to determine if the income change will fundamentally alter the income that is being received. The reported change must be in the rate of pay or the regularly scheduled hours of work. Missing a few days of work to sickness or working some occasionally extra hours of overtime does not trigger this policy. If it is determined that no actual change has occurred, use policies in 6131. When a change of income has occurred, one of the following budgeting methods will be used.

6132.01 Use of KDOL Wages - If the Reasonable Compatibility test returns a result of ‘Both Below’ with KDOL wages being used, this monthly amount shall be used to determine prior medical eligibility, and no further verification is required. This is regardless of how many sources of employment have been reported. However, if only a Work Number (TALX) amount has been returned, or if KDOL is not below the Medicaid or M-CHIP income limits, actual income must be used to verify prior medical income.

6132.02 Actual Income - In situations where 6132.01 is not applicable, actual verified income shall be budgeted for each month of the prior period. Although the agency must attempt to verify using Tiers 1-3, it is most likely verification through Tier 4 will be necessary.

If the information provided by the applicant is incomplete, but eligibility staff are able to determine the actual income received in each prior month, verification shall be considered complete. For example, using year-to-date information on pay stubs to determine the missing checks.

If verification for the prior period is not provided, but income for the current period is verified the prior period shall be denied for failure to provide information and the current period approved.

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