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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 5/16/2022

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6130 Prior Medical Budgeting Method - The budgeting method used for prior medical months is based on whether or not there has been a change reported by the applicant that occurs in the prior period. The applicant is asked a series of questions on the application to determine if changes in household members or income has occurred in the prior medical period.
Despite the client report, there may be instances where the agency is able to determine that no actual change has occurred. These situations shall be treated as though the applicant has not reported a change. In order to be considered a change for purposes of this policy, the change must fundamentally alter the expected income to be received. The reported change must be in the rate of pay (i.e. received a raise or a pay cut) or the regularly scheduled hours of work (i.e. weekly hours were increased or decreased). Missing a few days of work due to sickness or working some occasional extra hours of overtime does not trigger this policy change. If determined that no actual change has occurred, use the ‘No Change’ income budgeting rules. The amount verified and budgeted for the current month is used in each of the prior months. No further verification is required. If the agency or the individual is unable to verify current income, eligibility for the current and prior months shall be denied for failure to provide information.

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