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Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 5/16/2022

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05200 Unearned Income - Unearned income is any income that is not earned and may be derived from benefits (unemployment compensation, Social Security, VA, etc.), pensions, contributions, and settlements. Unearned income received or reasonably assured to be received in a month or in the eligibility base period shall be considered.

Gross unearned income shall be considered unless exempt as noted below.

5210 Unearned Income Payments - Unearned Income Payments

5211 Regular Unearned Income - Regular unearned income shall be considered as income when it is reasonably assured to be available in the same monthly amount in the future. Regular unearned income shall be budgeted in accordance with 6000 and subsections.

5212 Irregular Unearned Income - Irregular unearned income results from income which varies in amount from month to month and is expected to continue. Irregular unearned income shall be budgeted in accordance with 6000 and subsections.

5213 Intermittent Unearned Income - Intermittent unearned income is received on other than a monthly basis such as quarterly, semiannually, or annually. It must be considered and averaged. (See 6113.) Intermittent unearned income received prior to the first eligibility period shall not be considered. The case record shall clearly indicate that the income is being treated as "intermittent" unearned income.

NOTE: An additional benefit check is provided on an annual basis to retired members of the Kansas Public Employer's Retirement System (KPERS) who began receiving a benefit prior to July 2, 1987. This 13th check is generally identical in amount to the monthly benefit. This check is to be treated as intermittent income and budgeted over the entire year by dividing by 12.

5214 Lump Sums - MAGI income (as defined in 5000) received as a lump sum is counted as income only in the month received.

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