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Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 10/16/2021

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5120 MAGI Income Threshold - The MAGI Income Threshold is the minimum income requirement that establishes if an individual is required to file taxes is set by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is subject to periodic changes. The MAGI Income Threshold is used to determine when income shall be counted for certain children and tax dependents. It does not apply to non-dependent adults or to children living with non-parental caretakers.

The MAGI Income Threshold is defined annually by the IRS for the previous tax year. The current threshold amounts or limits are earned income of $12,400 annually or unearned Interest/Dividends income of $1100 annually. Individuals whose income is above the MAGI Income Threshold are required to file a Federal tax return. Whether or not they actually file a tax return has no impact on how their income is counted for medical assistance purposes.

Note: The MAGI income threshold does not apply to SSA income. SSA income is only counted for minors and tax dependents who have taxable income from earnings or interest/dividends. Otherwise it is considered exempt.

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