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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 6/29/2022

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2062 Cooperation - Cooperation involves providing information to CSS to establish the paternity of a child born out-of-wedlock and in obtaining medical support payments for such caretaker and for the respective child. For purposes of establishing paternity, the legal parent is presumed to be the biological parent.

For Medicaid there is no requirement that paternity be formally established. Self-attestation is accepted as to the paternity of a child. If DCF determines paternity for a child that differs from what was previously self-attested, KDHE will accept the verified paternity status.

CSS is responsible for determining whether the caretaker has cooperated in establishing paternity and/or in obtaining support. Cooperation is defined as:

2062.01 - Appearing at the local CSS office or the Court Trustee Office as necessary to provide information or documentation relative to establishing paternity of a child born out-of-wedlock, identifying and locating the absent parent, and obtaining support payments;

2062.02 - Appearing as a witness at court or other proceedings necessary to achieve the CSS objectives; and

2062.03 - Providing information, or attesting to the lack of information, under the penalty of perjury.

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