Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 12/9/2022

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2011.01 - Minors can act in their own behalf and receive assistance under the following circumstances:

(1) - The minor is determined to be emancipated. An emancipated minor is a person who is:

(a) Age 16 or 17 and is or has been married; or

(b) Under the age of 18 and who has had the rights of majority conferred upon him or her by court action; or

(2) The minor is unemancipated (i.e., does not meet the criteria in (1)(a) or (b) above), there is no adult or emancipated minor exercising parental control over the child, and one of the following circumstances exist:

(a) The parents of the minor are institutionalized per MKEESM 8113 or the minor has no parent who is living or whose whereabouts is known, and there is no other caretaker who is willing to assume parental control of the minor; or

(b) The health and safety of the minor has or would be jeopardized by remaining in the household with the minor's parents or other caretakers. Such status must be documented by an independent source such as social services, law enforcement, religious authorities or a battered person's shelter.

If local arrangements are made between the Division of Health Care Finance and Prevention and Protection Services (PPS), a referral may be made to PPS for assistance in determining the status of the minor's parents or other caretakers and any health and safety issues that would exist in such living arrangements. The determination of a minor's ability to act in own behalf under this provision must be approved by the KanCare Clearinghouse Manager, the Eligibility Policy Manager or his or her designee.

The determination must be documented in the case record. Minors able to act in their own behalf are eligible for medical benefits and can qualify under any family medical program (e.g., Medicaid poverty level or CHIP).

(3) The minor is placed into independent living by DCF. In situations where the minor's needs are being met by PPS or a foster care contractor, the minor cannot apply for his/her own needs but may apply on behalf of his/her child providing the child resides with the minor and is not in DCF custody.

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