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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 7/2/2020

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1403 Application Date - The date of receipt at the KanCare Clearinghouse, or KDHE Outstationed Worker site of a signed paper application is considered the application date for establishing initial eligibility. Giving a signed paper application to a KDHE Out-stationed Worker during a face-to face- interview at an off-site location, such as a home visit or at the KDHE Out-stationed worker office location, shall also establish the date of application. Date stamping of an application by a DCF office does not constitute a date of receipt for application processing.

All signed applications, shall be date-stamped the date of receipt as indicated above.

Applications received in the office through a drop box, mail slot or other such manner at the opening of the business day shall be considered as received during the previous business day. Applications received via fax shall be considered as received when the fax arrives in the office. This is based on the date and timestamp of the ImageNow system.

NOTE: Applications that are not signed by the applicant are to be returned to the applicant for signature. The entire application must be returned to allow the applicant to review his/her answers prior to certifying under penalty of perjury that all answers are correct and complete to the best of their knowledge. A cover letter must be attached to the application explaining the need to sign the application and to return it to the office for processing.

Note: KDHE-DHCF Online Application - The date the online application (which is electronically signed by the applicant or legal representative) is submitted through KDHE-DHCF shall be considered the application date if submitted on a business day. If the application is submitted on a weekend or holiday, the application date is the next following business day. A weekend is defined as Saturday and Sunday. Staff shall make a notation of the date discrepancy in the case file.
If the application is submitted by an individual with no legal relationship to the applicant, the application date is the date the "Medical Representative Authorization" or "Signature Page" form is received. If neither of these two (2) forms is received within 30 days of the date the online application was received, the application is void.

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