Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 5/16/2022

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01130 Staffing Standards -

1131 Volunteers - May be used in related activities such as outreach or assisting applicants in completing the application, other prescreening activities, and securing needed verification. Individuals and organizations who are parties to a strike or lockout and their facilities may not be used in the certification process except as a source of verification for information supplied by the applicant.

1132 Data Collection of Racial/Ethnic Categories - The Case Manager may request applicants to voluntarily identify their racial or ethnic status on the application form and shall inform the applicant(s) that this designation shall not affect their eligibility.

The Case Manager may ask the applicant to identify his racial/ethnic origin during a telephone contact. However, there are certain stipulations that are necessary when the self-identification process is used in either the application process or a telephone contact.

1132.01 - Applicants shall be assured by the Case Manager that information is used for statistical purposes only in determining if the program is administered without discrimination. Racial/ethnic data shall have no effect on an applicant's eligibility to participate and it will not be used for discriminatory purposes.

1132.02 - The applicant shall be advised that the information is used to ensure that benefits are available to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, or national origin.

1132.03 - Applicants shall be advised that the information given will be confidential and, should they decide not to provide this information, such a decision will not have an adverse effect on determining their eligibility.

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