Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 8/16/2022

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8362.03 - If the household is unable or unwilling to make a voluntary, a special spenddown shall be imposed. The special spenddown shall be created in an amount equal to the amount to be recovered and shall be considered in the current eligibility base period.

Medical expenses may be allowed against the special spenddown requirements if the expense is verified, medically necessary, and reported to the agency on at least a 6 month basis. Medical expenses shall be counted against the regular spenddown (if any) and then the special spenddown.

A special spenddown may be used for both automatic and determined eligibles. There is no requirement that the client have a regular spenddown. However, a special spenddown shall not be used in the Medicaid poverty level or CHIP programs.
If a special spenddown is imposed on a regular spenddown, the amount of both spenddowns must be met before the overstated eligibility claim is considered satisfied. If unmet, the special spenddown may extend over more than one base period.

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