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Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 10/16/2021

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8351 Establishing Claims and Repayment Agreements - Once the amount of the overstated eligibility has been determined, a claim in that amount shall be established. The type of the claim, Agency Error, Client Error, or Fraud Error, shall determine which action to take next.

1. Agency Error or Client Error – For purposes of establishing a claim, there is no difference between an Agency Error and a Client Error. Even though the root cause of the error differs, the collection action is the same.

2. Fraud Error – A fraud error can only be established through a finding by a court of appropriate jurisdiction. Therefore additional steps are required before collection action may commence.

A suspected fraud error shall be referred to the KDHE-DHCF Legal Division. The Legal Division will make a determination as to whether or not to pursue the case in court. If a decision is made not to pursue, the claim will be labeled as Client Error and processed as such. If the claim is accepted by the Legal Division for prosecution, no further action shall be taken until a decision by the court has been rendered.

Individuals should not receive notice that the case is under investigation for fraud. Client inquiries concerning the possible fraud investigation should be responded with a statement that the case is “under administrative review.” No additional information should be provided.

Collection action for an Agency Error or Client Error claim shall be initiated by sending the household a repayment agreement. No action shall be taken on a Fraud Error claim until the court has rendered a decision.

The repayment agreement shall include the amount of the claim and the reason the overstated eligibility has occurred. The household is given 10 days to respond to the repayment agreement.

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