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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 10/6/2022

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7431 Household Failure to Act Timely - A household which timely submits a review form but submits all verification in an untimely manner shall lose the right to a prompt review of eligibility (see 7420) untimely verification is provided.

If the review form is not returned by the end of the current review period, the individual has a three month reconsideration period to return the review form. Individuals will have until the end of the third month after the end of the previous review period to return the form for processing. The reconsideration period also applies to information requested in order to process the review. An application received after that period is treated like a new application, including any request for prior medical assistance. If the requested information is provided after the reconsideration period expires, a new application may be required.

A review reconsideration period is not applicable to an individual who is approved at review or is denied at review for not meeting eligibility criteria. Any application for review not submitted in a timely manner shall be treated as an initial application. The timeliness provisions of 1407 and subsections apply.

When eligibility has been discontinued for failure to provide requested verification, and the verification is later provided within the review reconsideration period described above, eligibility shall not be reinstated pending completion of the review. The discontinuance shall be rescinded, but no coverage past the end of the review period shall be provided, unless and until the review is fully processed.

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