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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 5/16/2022

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6512.02 Expenses Paid by a Third Party - Medically necessary expenses paid for by a public program funded by the State (or political subdivision of the State, such as a county), other than Medicaid, can be applied to spenddown. Only the portion of the expenses funded by the public program is allowable unless the client will continue to be obligated for the remaining portion of the bill. Such an expense is allowable in the base period in which it was incurred. Examples include expenses paid by Vocational Rehabilitation, the Family Support Program, Kansas Health Insurance Program for the uninsurable, certain programs administered by the Department of Health and Environment, such as those through Children with Special Health Care Needs, the
Infant/Toddler Program and Other Title V programs and non-Title II AIDS Drug Assistance Program/Ryan White (Medical-KEESM 2694) payments. Also included are services paid by Donated Dental Services, Adult Emergency Support Services/APS Emergency Funds, the Community Support Medication Program and expenses subsidized on services received through a Community Mental Health Center or Community Developmental Disability Organization. For prescription drugs purchased with a Medicare Approved Drug Discount Card (Medical-KEESM 2911) the pre-discount cost of the item is allowed toward spenddown. The entire cost of the item is allowable even if the $600 credit was used to purchase the drug. Services provided for or paid through Hill-Burton funds, Ryan White funds or the Kansas Farmworker Health program is NOT allowable.

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