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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 12/9/2022

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2452 CHIP Continuous Eligibility Period - Continuous eligibility begins with the first full month of eligibility. Coverage continues regardless of any changes in income. Such eligibility shall continue unless one of the following circumstances occurs:

2452.01 - the child turns age 19 (unless pregnant or in a postpartum period, see 02300 and 2301);

2452.02 - the child no longer meets residency requirements;

2452.03 - the child dies;

2452.04 - the child enters an institution or jail;

2452.05 - the child no longer lives with a caretaker who meets the criteria of 2110;

2452.06 - the child is found to not have been initially eligible due to agency error or fraud;

2452.07 - the child (unless in a postpartum period) becomes eligible for Medicaid, including PLN, CTM, HCBS, SSI (including eligibility under the protected class in MKEESM 2639), foster care, or adoption support assistance;

2452.08 - there is a voluntary request for case closure.

2452.09 - In any of the above situations, coverage shall be terminated no later than the month following the month the circumstances occur allowing for timely and adequate notice except as noted. Continuous eligibility can be reestablished if circumstances change and there has been less than a calendar month break in assistance. Otherwise, the child would have to qualify again for CHIP or coverage under another medical program.

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