Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 5/16/2022

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2320.01 Providing Medicaid Coverage to Newborn Children of Mothers in Foster Care - Newborns of mothers currently receiving foster care medical benefits are eligible for medical benefits under the newborn provisions of KFMAM 2320. Unless the newborn is also in foster care, it is the responsibility of eligibility staff to establish Medicaid coverage for the newborn child.

The newborn child is ALWAYS entitled to Medicaid in the month of birth. This is true even if the newborn does not physically reside with the mother in the month of birth or following months.

A new application is not required to be filed on behalf of the infant to provide either coverage in the month of birth or continuing coverage. Coverage may be verbally requested, or an application filed, by the mother or the mother's caretaker. If the coverage is requested verbally, sufficient information must be obtained to set up a new case. A new case must be opened with the foster care/minor mother as the Primary Applicant.

If the child is not living with the mother, the current caretaker of the newborn child must file an application for medical assistance to continue coverage for the newborn beyond the month of birth.

For children residing in a group home or residential care facility, the administrator of the facility (or designee) is viewed as a qualifying caretaker of the newborn child for medical assistance. The minor mother's foster parent is also viewed as a qualifying caretaker of the newborn child for medical assistance.

2320.02 Facility Birth Reporting Form for Medicaid Deemed Newborns - KC-4501 Facility Birth Reporting form for Medicaid Deemed Newborns, may be used by a medical facility to report the birth of an infant born to a Medicaid mother, if the child has been transferred to their medical facility due to a medical necessity after birth. The form will not be considered a valid request for coverage if all the fields are not filled out or the mother of the newborn did not receive Medicaid coverage in the month of birth. This form is not considered verification of Citizenship or Identity as it is not a birth confirmation letter.

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