Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 8/16/2022

02000 >>> 02300 >>> 2311

2311.01 - a child turns age 19 (unless pregnant or in a postpartum period, see 02300);

2311.02 - an individual no longer meets residency requirements;

2311.03 - an individual dies;

2311.04 - an individual enters an institution or jail; see 2052.05 for information relating to minors.

2311.05 - a child no longer lives with a caretaker who meets the criteria of 2110;

2311.06 - an individual is found to not have been initially eligible due to agency error or fraud;

2311.07 - an individual becomes eligible for HCBS or for SSI (including eligibility under the protected class see Medical-KEESM 2639), foster care, or adoption support assistance;

2311.08 - there is a voluntary request for case closure.

2311.09 - there is a loss of contact in which the individual and/or family's whereabouts are unknown. Continuous eligibility ends for any non-pregnant adults in the home in accordance with 7230.

2311.10 - there is not at least one child in the home or qualifying under temporary absence provisions of 2110. Continuous eligibility ends for any non-pregnant adults in the home;

2311.11 - a non-pregnant adult caretaker fails to cooperate with Child Support Services (CSS).

In any of the above situations, coverage shall be terminated with the month the circumstances occur or a following month allowing for timely and adequate notice. Continuous eligibility can be reestablished if there is less than a calendar month break in assistance. Otherwise, the individual would have to submit a new application and qualify again.

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