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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 12/9/2022

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1602 Disposition of Obsolete Case Record Material - Destroy any material which is older than 36 months and is not currently in effect on active cases with the following exceptions:

(1) - The last application which opened the case;

(2) - For AABD cases converted to SSI (whether open for medical or not), the application and budget in effect for December 1973 must be retained indefinitely;

(3) - Retain indefinitely all documentation needed to establish current eligibility such as income verification, tax filing status, etc.;

(4) - Retain indefinitely a copy of the individual's Social Security card when it has been provided. In addition, the PA-3120.4 (Welfare Enumeration) form and copies of all documents used for enumeration purposes shall also be maintained indefinitely;

(5) - Retain indefinitely all material pertaining to unrecovered overpayments, including all documentation for the amount and cause of the overpayment;

(6) - Retain indefinitely all material pertaining to verification of the immigration status of aliens;

(7) - Retain indefinitely all materials pertaining to documentation of common-law marriages or paternity;

(8) - Retain indefinitely all documents used to verify citizenship and identity of the individual, including the ES-3850.

1602.01 Disposition of Closed Cases - Closed medical cases may be destroyed after they have been closed for 36 months except for (1) all material pertaining to unrecovered overpayments, or (2) cases that have a designated period of ineligibility which exceeds the retention period (e.g.; first time conviction of fraud, etc.)

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