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Eligibility Policy - 10/6/2022

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1425 Notice of Actions Resulting from Federal Match Data - Based on the provisions of the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act, no immediate action to suspend, terminate, reduce, or deny assistance in the medical program may be taken as a result of information obtained through federal match data which has not been determined to be accurate and reliable by the federal agency producing the data. When the federal information has not been determined to be accurate and reliable, the individual must be given 30 days from the date the notice of action is received to verify or contest the match data. This means that such notice must be sent at least 35 days prior to the effective date of action for recipients or the date the application is to be processed for applicants.

Federal matches currently affected by these provisions include the SIEVS (IRS and BEER data) match and VA match. It does not include BENDEX, SDX, SAVE information from INS, and third- party queries obtained through SSA as all of these data exchanges are either considered to be accurate and reliable or involve a computer match process between state and federal records. It also does not include Employment Security matches as this is not a direct federal-state match.

If the individual does not respond to the notice, final action based upon the match data can be taken upon expiration of the 35 day notice period and allowing for timely and adequate notice of action. All or part of the 10 day timely notice period may run concurrently with the 35 day notice period. However, all BEERS and IRS-related match data is to be considered as a lead only and not to be used as primary verification or evidence without further independent verification.

If the individual confirms the validity of the information prior to the expiration of the 35 day period, action can be taken immediately allowing for 10 day timely and adequate notice. In addition, for applicants, action can be taken to deny the application without a 35 day notice period, if the individual has already confirmed the match data through verification provided or information which was incorporated on the application form.

If the individual contests the data during the 35 day notice period, no action can be taken until the information is further verified. If the individual cannot provide verification in regard to IRS or BEER data, contact with such sources as the financial institution, employer, etc. will need to be made.

Client cooperation in the verification process will be essential for any action prior to the 35 day notice period. If the client refuses to cooperate and/or contests the information and verification cannot be otherwise obtained, action can be taken on the case following the expiration of the 35 day notice period and allowing for timely and adequate notice of the action.

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