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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 5/16/2022

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1423 Adequate Notice Only - When only adequate notice is required, such notice may be received by the household at the time reduced benefits are received or if benefits are terminated, at the time benefits would have been received if they had not been terminated. The agency is not required to send timely notice but must send adequate notice no later than the date of action when:

1423.01 - The agency denies an application for assistance. However, denials resulting from information obtained through federal match data shall be subject to the provisions of 1425.

1423.02 - The agency has factual information confirming the death of a client or of the payee when there is no relative available to serve as new payee.

1423.03 - The agency receives a clear written statement signed by a client indicating that he no longer wishes assistance, or that gives information which requires termination or reduction of assistance, and the client has indicated, in writing, that he understands that this must be the consequence of supplying such information.

1423.04 - The client has been admitted to an institution and further medical assistance will not be provided to that individual.

1423.05 - The client has been placed in a Medicaid approved institution for long term care or begins HCBS and will receive Medicaid payment for the cost of care.

1423.06 - The client's whereabouts are unknown and agency mail directed to him has been returned by the post office indicating no known forwarding address.

1423.07 - A client has been accepted for assistance in a new jurisdiction and that fact has been established by the jurisdiction previously providing assistance.

1423.08 - A child is removed from the home as a result of a judicial determination, or voluntarily placed in foster care by his legal guardian.

1423.09 - Assistance is approved and negative case action such as a closure is incorporated into the initial notice of action to the client. However, negative action resulting from information obtained through federal match data shall be subject to the provisions of 1425.

NOTE: Timely and adequate notice must be given for any termination in benefits resulting from information obtained by the consumer or other sources.

1423.10 - A client is disqualified for fraud through a court of appropriate jurisdiction.

1423.11 - A premium requirement is established or increased for a CHIP case per 2440.

1423.12 - The agency receives a request to end coverage on the basis of the cost of the CHIP premium obligation.

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