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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 6/29/2022

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1332 Responsibility for Obtaining Verification - The household has the primary responsibility for providing verification to support its statements and to resolve any questionable information. Information may be provided in writing or verbally. Any reasonable evidence provided by the household shall be accepted. Staff shall be primarily concerned with how adequately the verification proves the statements on the application. If it would be difficult or impossible for the household to obtain documentary evidence in a timely manner, staff shall offer assistance to the household in obtaining documentary evidence in a phone call and/or send a notice that includes the offer of assistance to all households. The household shall not be held responsible when a person outside of the household fails to cooperate with a request for verification.

As it relates to income, where all attempts to verify the income have been unsuccessful because the person or organization providing the income has failed to cooperate with the household and the Agency, and all other sources of verification are unavailable, the Eligibility staff shall determine an amount to be used based on the best available information.

1332.01 Discrepancies - Where information from another source contradicts statements made by the household; the household shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to resolve the discrepancy prior to an eligibility determination. Information needed to resolve the discrepancy shall be requested from the household, however, if the household fails to provide the necessary information, staff may elect to verify the information directly. Households are to be given 12 days to provide necessary verification. If the client does not or refuses to provide adequate verification to resolve the discrepancy, the case may then be closed, or the application denied if that is the appropriate case action.

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