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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 8/16/2022

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1331 Sources of Verification - Once it has been determined that Tier 4: Request for Information is the only method of verification, the following information applies:

1331.01 Documentary Evidence - Documentary evidence consists of a written confirmation of a household's circumstances. Examples are wage stubs, tax returns, and school enrollment records. Acceptable verification shall not be limited to any single type of document and may be obtained through the household or other sources.

1331.02 Collateral Contacts - A collateral contact is a verbal confirmation of a household's circumstances made by a person outside of the household. The collateral contact may be made either by mail or over the telephone. The acceptability of a collateral contact shall not be restricted to a particular individual but may be anyone who can be expected to give an accurate third-party verification of the household's statements. Examples of acceptable collateral contacts are employers, landlords, social service agencies, migrant service agencies, and neighbors of the household.

1331.03 Self Attestation - Self-attestation or Client Statement is sufficient as verification for several elements. Although it is acceptable to verify those items with a Tier 1 or Tier 2 interface, the individual is never asked to provide verification. An exception exists if the information reported is discrepant or inconsistent. The test for this varies dependent upon the context of the information in question as well as the other information in the case.

A declaration of income is used when determining Reasonable Compatibility of Income as defined in 6122. Declaration of income may be taken from the application form, written correspondence, or through verbal contact with the applicant.

A request for coverage is denied when the self-declared income exceeds the income guidelines for the program and does not require verification. When this occurs, the notice of action shall contain detailed information of what income was used.

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