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Eligibility Policy - 5/16/2022

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1330.05 Verification of Pre-tax Income and Federal Deductions - When total reported pre-tax or federal deductions is over $300.00 per month, verification of deductions will be required for them to be used in the income determination. If proof is not received, processing may be completed without them, and the applicant advised by notice that the amount was not used. Eligibility may not be denied due to failure to provide proof of deductions.

Verification of pre-tax income and/or federal deductions will follow the tiered approach of earned income in 1330. Information on hand, such as the case file and the Work Number (TALX) records must be used if available prior to requesting the information from the consumer. Paystubs must be no older than three months prior to the month of application to be used. Collateral contact with the employer may also be used but is not required. If there is no available information on file, the information must be requested from the consumer as noted below:

a) Pre-tax income deductions – Paystubs from the last 30 days or a statement from the employer

b) Federal/IRS deductions – Corresponding tax form or most recent tax return

Note: If based on the consumer’s self-attestation of both wages and deductions, the income will exceed guidelines for all programs, it is not necessary to request proof of the deductions.

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