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Kansas Family Medical Assistance

Manual (KFMAM)

Eligibility Policy - 5/16/2022

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1310 Staff Responsibility - Staff must be prudent when the circumstances of a particular case indicate the need for further clarification. Additional confirmation or verification should be obtained whenever the information provided by the applicant or recipient is incomplete, unclear, or contradictory.

Circumstances that may require a more thorough analysis of a case include:

1310.01 - An individual who appears to be confused.

1310.02 - An individual who has a history of providing conflicting or incomplete information.

1310.03 - Documents (birth certificates, Social Security cards, etc.) that appear to have been altered.

1310.04 - Information obtained from non-medical through KEES according to the following guidelines:

a. Earned income that is currently budgeted on an open or pending case; or was included on a non-active case if the income started within the past three months.

b. Unearned income that is currently budgeted on another case in any status, except for expired time-limited unearned income.

c. Other information currently used for another open or pending case that, if were validated, would result in a different eligibility outcome.

1310.05 - Documents provided by the applicant (pay stubs, employer statement, tax returns, etc.) that appear to be incomplete due to missing required information (i.e. pay dates, frequency, or tax form Schedule 1 or 1040).

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