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Agency Programs
  • Program Overview
  • Child Care Licensing Program (CCL)
  • Chronic Disease Risk Reduction (CDRR)
  • Community-Based Primary Care Clinic (CBPCC)
  • COVID-19 ELC Expanding Infrastructure
  • CRI Public Health Preparedness (CRIPHP)
  • Disease Intervention (DIS)
  • ELC
  • ELC Optional Opportunities - Care Resource Coordination and Expanded Testing
  • Family Planning (FP)
  • HIV Prevention Program - Community (HIVPREV)
  • Immunization Action Plan (IAP)
  • Maternal & Child Health (MCH)
  • Pregnancy Maintenance Initiative (PMI)
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP)
  • Regional PHEP (RPHEP)
  • Ryan White (RW)
  • Special Health Care Needs (SHCN)
  • State Formula (SF)
  • Teen Pregnancy Targeted Case Management (TPTCM)
  • tiny-k Early Intervention Services

Kansas Grant Management System


Kansas SFY2022 News

Reminder:  Grants that require 3rd quarter progress reports (CCL, CRF/SPARK, DIS, ELC Staffing & Infrastructure, ELC CRC/ET, HIV, PHEP and RPHEP) were due April 15th.  If you have not submitted those, please complete my April 30th.

Period 1 FSRs are now available for the COVID-19 ELC Expanding Infrastructure and are located under Work Area/Fiscal/FSR Reports and switch the SFY to 2022.

Reminder: It is against KDHE and KGMS policy to share your credentials with anyone.  Your credentials are an electronic trail of business completed in KGMS.  COMING SOON, IT Security Awareness Training for all KGMS users.

If new employees need to be added or salaries adjusted for SFY2021, please email: kdhe.atl@ks.gov

Reminder: Email your grant manager when a Budget Maintenance Request (BMR) has been submitted.

During the COVID-19 response, email kdhe.atl@ks.gov for assistance with IAP and State Formula. 

Locked out of your KGMS account?  Please email: kdhe.atl@ks.gov

FYI - until a budget maintenance request is approved by the grant manager AND Kevin, FSRs will not be available.

Reminder - Please do not delete Karen Kelley from your agency.  I am a KGMS System User only and assigned to your agency for technical support.  Thank you.

Need technical support for KGMS, email kdhe.atl@ks.gov for assistance.

KDHE Information Technology/Systems Applications Subject to Aid-to-Local Security & Confidentiality Requirements

All local agencies having access to KDHE information systems must agree to comply with applicable state and federal law regarding the use and dissemination of data, information and records obtained or maintained in the performance of this contract. Full details can be found in the Universal Contract received by each grantee. See here for list of systems and contacts for notification of changes in staffing access: KDHE Information Technology/Systems Applications Subject to Aid-to-Local Security & Confidentiality Requirements

All new users who need access to Kansas Grant Management System (KGMS) will need to contact their agency KGMS administrator to request a username and password.  For new administrators, please contact  kdhe.atl@ks.gov