Welcome to 03-2021 KDHE Medical-KEESM

The KDHE Medical-KEESM is the source for medical assistance policy effective August 1, 2017.




Policy documents and medical assistance program material are now available at KDHE Eligibility Policy.



KDHE Policy forms, appendix items and other policy materials found on 




Navigation in the Policy Manual

Navigation in the Policy Manual can be done by using the Table of Contents, clicking on links throughout the manual content, clicking within the path name at the top of a page or searching for a word then clicking on the relevant search result.

NOTE:  To narrow a search in the policy manual, put a word or phrase in quotation marks. Searches using quotation marks search for the phrase verbatim. Utilizing quotation marks indicates to the search engine that the words belong together and thus it won't search for those words separately.


"contact log" -  including the quotation marks, returns 14 results of the phrase 'contact log'.

contact - no punctuation or quotations, returns 89 results which include contact, contacts, contacting contact log, contact summary, contact type, etc.

contact log - no punctuation or quotations, returns 150+ results which include contact, log, contact log, contact summary, contact type, logging, log, etc.




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